Jewish Labour Movement Statement on Netanyahu's Coalition and West Bank Annexation

After a year of electoral stalemate, a coalition agreement has been signed between Netanyahu and Gantz. Alongside Blue and White and Likud in coalition, is the Israeli Labor Party.

We are dismayed and bitterly disappointed that Amir Peretz has led the Israeli Labor Party into coalition. Political progressives in Israel and across the world would have rightly expected to see Peretz follow the course of action set by our other sister Party, Meretz, and stand firmly in opposition to Netanyahu.

The agreed make up of the Israeli Government now gives a green light to the annexation of the West Bank. Not only will this likely result in further conflict, but it will make much needed progress towards peace almost impossible.

JLM will continue to strongly oppose any annexation of the West Bank. We believe the only way to peace is through a two state solution; a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable Palestine.