Reacting to the reportedly leaked publishing of the Royall report into allegations of antisemitism at Oxford University Labour Club;

Aaron Simons, JLM member and former President of Oxford Jewish Society said:

“It is right that the Royall report has now been published in fuller form, and should never have been suppressed in the first place. It is clear from the report that antisemitic incidents did take place at Oxford. 

As Baroness Royall has recommended, those involved now need to be investigated by the party's disciplinary process. Jewish students subjected to antisemitism at Oxford are owed justice by the party. This represents a real test of the principles the Chakrabarti report called for.

Six months and two investigations later, the Jewish students who were on the receiving end of racial discrimination are owed a full report and update on where their complaints are now at.”


Liron Velleman, JLM NEC Youth & Students officer said;

“Both Baroness Royall and Shami Chakrabarti have now concluded that significant changes need to happen both to the rules and practices of the Party, in order that allegations of antisemitsm and racism are dealt with properly.

JLM alongside a number of local parties have proposed a rule change for Labour Party Conference that would make antisemitism, racism and other forms of discrimination a disciplinary offence. The NEC now needs to urgently clarify how it intends on implementing the recommendations from both reports, and to take a position on our proposals.” 

The Labour Party must continue to welcome and engage Jewish activists both on campus and in the wider movement. JLM has been affiliated to the Labour Party for almost a century. We are not giving up on the Party, and we hope the Party will not give up on us.