Statement on the Peterborough by-election result

Following Lisa Forbes winning the Peterborough by-election, a JLM spokesperson has issued the following statement:

"Labour has consistently failed to take a zero tolerance approach to anti-Jewish hate. This has encouraged a culture to develop where not only is it acceptable for someone who has endorsed racist material and rejected the internationally accepted IHRA definition of antisemitism to be a member, but they can advance politically and seek public office.

"Labour's newest MP is a perfect example of this.

"Ms Forbes will have to go far, far further than her statements at the weekend to demonstrate to our members and the Jewish community that she isn't racist against Jews.

"The PLP called for the Party to adopt the IHRA definition. Given her previous rejection of IHRA, Ms Forbes should have the whip suspended immediately.

"This show how urgent and necessary the EHRC's investigation into Labour's institutional racism is. The Party is simply incapable of rooting out hate by itself"