Labour Students speech for NEC amendment on discrimination

Hello conference, first time delegate, first time speaker, delegate for Labour Students, now representing over 30,000 students, the equivalent of my entire University of East Anglia.

I joined the party at the age of 14 for the same reason I am here today - to join the fight for a more, decent, tolerant and fair society.

As a young, Muslim women I could not be prouder to be supporting this motion because it taps into the very core of my principles of justice, equality and acceptance 

This motion is bigger than party politics. It's about practising what we preach, it cuts into the root of who we are and what we stand for. The Labour Party is the Party of antiracism and antifascism. We must be true to that.

Rightly so, this rule change has the support from all corners of our broad movement and the backing with our leader Jeremy Corbyn, and the entire, unanimous Labour NEC.


We are the party that fought fascism in the 1930s. We are the party that created the National Health Service. We are the party who created the National Minimum Wage.

Today, we have the chance to do something special. We can be the first political party to outlaw any sort of racism, islamophobia and sexism.

This country led the movement of acceptance for my family into this county in the 70s. My grandparents were refugees and came here in search of a better life. They were life long trade unionists and members of the Labour Party, and I stand on their shoulders on this stage today.

They will be proud that we today continue to be at the forefront of liberation. This essential rule change will transcend division and strengthen the link with our Jewish friends and the Labour Party. We continue in the traditional activists like my grandparents set by making sure that there is no space for discrimination of any kind within our Party. I am proud that not only my family stand behind this rule change, but we stand together with Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson, David Lammy, Andrew Gwynne and other socialist societies like LGBT Labour.

On our campuses, we fight to make our spaces safe. We fight to win a Labour government. We stand up to fascists on the far right, and we challenge abuse wherever we find it, even on the left.

As a student dedicated to winning for Labour we need to set the highest possible standard in our rule book. Friends, this is a moral imperative. This is simply the right thing to do. We talk about solidarity. Stand in solidarity with me against the sexism and islamophobia I have received. Stand in solidarity with those who receive any form of abuse. Because one abusive incident is one to many.

Please vote for this motion.