Jewish Labour Movement statement on the EHRC announcement that Labour has fulfilled its obligations

A Statement from Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party:

Jewish Labour Movement statement:

This is a hugely significant moment for the Labour Party and for British politics. We welcome the EHRC giving Labour a clean bill of health. 

When the Jewish Labour Movement, as the primary complainant, submitted testimony from hundreds of Jewish members and more than 70 whistleblowers to the EHRC in 2019, Labour was in moral turpitude and political denial. Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, it had become an unsafe space for Jews. 

For the first time, a party of Government was found by the EHRC to have broken equalities law in the treatment of its Jewish members. This confirmed the experiences of thousands of Jewish Labour members and was a dark day for a Party many of us joined because it fought racism. 

This unprecedented finding was met with unprecedented action. Under Keir Starmer, Labour has moved at a pace and with a rigour few expected, expelling antisemites and introducing a new independent disciplinary system to address all equality discrimination grievances. It has been transparent with all members on the challenges through the publication of quarterly complaints figures.

JLM has given antisemitism awareness education to Labour’s MPs, staff, the National Executive Committee and thousands of members to address the toxic culture that had developed the Party. In its response, Labour has set the gold standard for all political parties.

JLM takes nothing for granted and will always be vigilant, ready to call out antisemitism without fear or favour. We will continue to work with Labour to detoxify party culture and make it inclusive; it must always respond strongly and at speed to any members who promote antisemitism and those who deny or downplay the problem.

But the Labour Party we see today is unrecognisable from what the Party had become under Corbyn. Jews can once again call Labour their natural home and have no concerns about voting for it. That this is the case is a testament to the leadership shown by Keir Starmer. 

Jewish Labour Movement National Vice-Chair Baroness Ruth Anderson on BBC News: