AGM 2019 Proxy Vote Request

Under the terms of the JLM Rule Book, members are able to apply for a proxy vote in exceptional circumstances.

Please read the following rules carefully:

Setting out your reasons for a Proxy Vote:

  • Members are asked to confirm the reasons they are not able to attend the AGM.
  • Proxy votes are not a substitution for not attending the AGM.
  • Reasons for not attending the AGM should be set out clearly in the box below. 

How your request will be determined:

  • All proxy vote applications must be approved by the Returning Officer or their nominee and their decision is final.
  • The deadline for proxy vote applications is Shabbat, 29th March 2019.
  • Confirmations of proxy votes will take place on a rolling basis, with the last notifications issued on the 31st of March.
  • Please do not wait to apply for a proxy vote on the deadline, as this may cause an unreasonable delay to proxy votes being issued.
  • You may nominate any JLM member to cast a vote on your behalf, but it is your personal responsibility to notify the member in question.
  • Proxy votes are available for collection at the AGM at registration.
  • Emergency proxy votes may be issued after the 31st of March at the discretion of the returning officer of their nominee only in cases where it is deemed unreasonable for the member to not have applied before the deadline due to a force majeure 

Notifying your proxy vote nominee 

  • You are responsible for notifying your proxy vote nominee.
  • They must be a fully paid member in good standing. 
  • In order to verify their identity, you must seek permission to submit the email and telephone number of your nominee.
  • You must communicate your voting preferences to your nominee.
  • All ballots will be conducted in secret.
  • Nominees will not be permitted to cast more than three proxy votes on behalf of other members. You are responsible for ensuring your nominee has not exceeded the limit.
  • Nominees who exceed the limit will not be permitted to collect any more than 3 proxy votes. This will be determined in chronological order.
  • Proxy vote nominations are non transferable. Your designated nominee must attend the meeting in order to cast your proxy ballot.

Please state the reason you are applying for a proxy vote: