General Election Results Statement

Labour’s failure in this election lies squarely with the Party’s leadership. Because of the public’s rejection of Corbyn as Prime Minister, the confused position on Brexit, or its total failure to tackle anti-Jewish racism, the Party must truly listen. 

We are distraught that our courageous Parliamentary Chair, Ruth Smeeth, was not re-elected. Ruth has represented the best of Labour over these past few years - unafraid and determined to hold the Party’s leadership accountable for their failure to tackle antisemitism despite the abuse she’s faced. Her loss to the Parliamentary Labour Party will be felt by the entire Labour movement. 

Despite a decade of austerity, the risk of years of Brexit chaos, and a nation hungry for political change, the public have rejected Labour and instead elected another Tory Government under the leadership of Boris Johnson. This will do nothing to heal a divided country and instead stoke the rising tide of racism, islamophobia, antisemitism and hatred within our society. Our public services and our NHS are severely at risk.

After this historic election defeat, Jeremy Corbyn must stand down immediately. His team and supporters who have been responsible for Labour’s moral and political failures must take responsibility themselves for allowing five more years of Tory rule. 

After 99 years of unbroken affiliation, the Jewish Labour Movement will continue our task of promoting our Labour and Jewish values of equality and social justice. Going forward, the Labour Party needs to think long and hard as to why we’ve suffered this devastating loss and how we can become a Party that we can once again be proud to campaign for.