General Election 2017

The snap general election comes at a critical time for our country. The NHS and Social Care are in crisis. Schools are facing huge budget cuts. Housebuilding is at its slowest rate since the 1920s, with too many people struggling to get on the housing ladder. Local services have been decimated, with 20,000 fewer serving police officers since 2010. The Tories are intent on pursuing an extreme Brexit agenda while inequalities across the UK continue to widen.

The election also comes at a critical time for the UK Jewish Community. Antisemitism continues to grow; our communal charities and care providers are under enormous strain; and many of the religious freedoms enjoyed by our community are increasingly under attack.

For these reasons, JLM will be doing what we have always done at election time: supporting and promoting Labour candidates up and down the country, working to deliver a Government whose values we share, as Jews and as Democratic Socialist Zionists.

We are particularly proud to be publishing this mini-manifesto covering key policy areas of relevance to our Movement. It has been compiled by our NEC with crowd-sourced input from across our entire membership base. We are pleased that in addition to setting out policy proposals that relate to specific communal concerns it also addresses broader issues and principles.

We are making our submission to the Labour Party Manifesto Consultation as a proud Affiliate and Socialist Society. We hope that it will be a valuable contribution to the 2017 General Election Manifesto.

Finally, do look at our other General Election activity which is being constantly updated on the JLM website. We have already coordinated over fifty campaigning opportunities around the UK for our members and supporters during the election period. We urge you to get involved, sign up and join us on the campaign trail.

In solidarity, 

Luciana Berger MP - Parliamentary Chair, JLM

Jeremy Newmark - National Chair, JLM


You can read our manifesto here.