Commenting on the release of parts of Baroness Royall's report, JLM Chair Jeremy Newmark said:

“Baroness Royall conducted a fair, balanced and rigorous process. She gained the trust and confidence of everybody she engaged with.

er report is an incredibly important first step in addressing the problem of antisemitism in the Labour Party. It found a culture in the Oxford Labour Club that made many Jews feel unwelcome. It found that there had been a series of antisemitic incidents which are well evidenced. The report makes eleven key recommendations to the party covering areas which include training; incident reporting; and documentation. We look forward to working with the Party to ensure their swift implementation.

The Royall report also refers six wider and incredibly serious issues to the recently formed Chakrabarti Inquiry.

However, in deciding not to publish the entire report, the NEC risk contributing to the existing problem of denial of antisemitism in the party.  I am deeply frustrated that the full report has not been published.  I know that Baroness Royall is equally frustrated.  

Nevertheless the NEC have today adopted a set of meaningful and important recommendations that begin to deal with the problem. The Chakrabarti Inquiry must now work to deliver a more complete solution.”  ENDS

Note: JLM submitted a statement to the NEC that was read before the report was debated.  In this statement we called upon the NEC to adopt and publish the report.

Baroness Royall has also blogged on her report exclusively for JLM here.

Daily Telegraph report here.