People's Vote

JLM Notes
1. On 23rd June 2016, the referendum on EU Membership was narrowly won by the Leave Campaign, however the Jewish Community voted Remain.
2. Since the EU referendum result, a number of promises which were made by the official Leave Campaign (members of which have been very senior members of Government during the last two years), have at best been made to have seemed foolish, or at worst outright lies.
3. Hate crime increased as a result of the EU referendum and was one of reasons for an increase in antisemitism in 2016 according to CST.
4. HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services has warned of a spike in hate crime around the date of the UK’s possible exit of the European Union.
5. Jews on the left has a proud history of fighting fascism and racism and defending the Jewish community from the likes of Steve Bannon and Victor Orban – men with clear connections with and lauded by Leave campaigners.
6. The antisemitic attacks from Leave.EU on George Soros is another example of the fact that the Brexit process has negative consequences for the Jewish community.

JLM Believes
1. It is an important part of JLM’s history and existence to be an internationalist movement, supporting freedom of movement and cooperation with our neighbours.
2. JLM echoes the voices of thousands of members across the UK and the unprecedented number of CLPs who submitted People’s Vote motions to conference, and in subsequent motions, in calling for the Party to take the strongest line possible and support putting it back to the people.

JLM Resolves
1. To lobby the Labour Party to campaign for a public vote on Brexit with an option to stay in the EU.
2. To encourage JLM members to support campaigning activity by People’s Vote supporting organisations.
3. To notify the Party Leadership, the NEC, the NPF and other relevant bodies of this motions passing via a public statement and a letter to relevant bodies.