Antisemitism in Hungary and Poland

JLM Notes
• the concern that has been repeatedly expressed by the Board of Deputies of British Jews – the national representative body of the UK’s Jewish community - about the situation in Hungary, including in a recent meeting with the Hungarian State Secretary for Civil Society and Hungarian Ambassador. Further note the Letter sent to the FCO led by JLM MP Alex Sobel.
• the following examples of antisemitism in Hungary:

• In March 2018, the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán used classic antisemitic imagery and tropes to refer to George Soros
• Aurora Jewish community centre in Budapest has said that the ungarian authorities are trying to close it down. Government media reportedly slated the Aurora project as a “Soros drug den”.
• The Hungarian Government announced it would be funding a new Holocaust Museum in Budapest. However according to Yad Vashem, the museum will “whitewash” Hungary’s crimes in the Holocaust.
• The forced closure of the Central European University in Budapest, which has had to relocate to Austria.
• the passing of the Anti-Defamation Law in Poland which sought to restrict the accurate historical accounts of Polish involvement in the Holocaust and acts of antisemitism following the War. JLM supported the actions taken by JLM and other MPs to write to the Foreign Secretary and request a debate in 2018. JLM welcomes the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruling to find parts of the law unconstitutional.

• Further Notes the actions of thousands of individuals from the Polish Far Right against the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. The staff were subjected to a wave of “hate, fake news and manipulations”. More recently the Law and Justice (PiS) government complained the Polin Museum of Polish Jewish History had become too political after the Museum launched a book outlining how many of the 250,000 Polish Jews who went into hiding from the Nazis were betrayed by ordinary Poles. The Government is now trying to ensure the Museum management views do not contradict the historical narrative of the Law and Justice (PiS) Party. The Polish Minister of Culture has now refused to renew the term of Office of the Museum’s Director.

JLM Believes
• that Right Wing Populist Governments in Europe must act in accordance with the rules of law and not act against minority groups in their countries. JLM believes that the Government’s of Hungary and Poland are acting in ways that are fermenting antisemitism and rewriting their countries' history.

JLM Resolves
• to challenge antisemitism wherever it finds it. JLM resolves to support actions by JLM MPs, the APPG on antisemitism or the APPG for Jews to make the Foreign and Commonwealth Office challenge antisemitism in Hungary, Poland and other nations where Right Wing Populism has taken hold. JLM resolves to work and support members of Party of European Socialists in Hungary and Poland on the issue of antisemitism.